Adventure in retro style My friends and I have for many years come from Russia to the Netherlands for spring break. We traveled by boat on the canals of Amsterdam, traveling by bike in the suburbs, but in 2014 we rented a 2CV and went to a lot of traveling in Holland and France.… Lees meer
Enjoying the Provence in a 2CV The Provence was beautiful in the 2CV. With the sun on our face we drove leisurely through the stunning landscape. I wish It had lasted an eternity. Now that we’re back home, we sometimes close our eyes and think of those beautiful days. We’ll definitely do this again, and I… Lees meer
Roadtrip to North Sea And there we went: off to the North Sea! Pushed on by the nostalgically whirring engine in the back, the typical Beetle noise, accelerating remarkably well, but also slightly strange without a seat belt, on to the North Sea. Food in the picnic basket, camera in hand, good mood on… Lees meer
Driving a Porsche 911 – Boy’s dream! Ruud was given a day tour with a Porsche for his 50th birthday. He really enjoyed it, and I also thought it was fantastic to drive in the antique Porsche! I hadn’t imagined that beforehand. A real vintage feel: Audrey Hepburn look-a-like, open roof, with waving hair and shawl, sunglasses on.… Lees meer
Nice 2CV tour following the Cote d’Azur! In July 2012 we rented a 2CV and started in Aix en Provence (France). What an adventure! We got a lot of positive reactions, and a lot of Frenchmen did the wobbling movement that typifies the flying dustbin. From Aix-en-Provence we drove towards Cote d’Azur, following the beautiful coastline. The… Lees meer