Classic Porsche 911 convertible rental

At Vintage Road Trips you can rent classic Porsche 911 convertible for a unique day tour, a weekend break or road trip. The Porsche 911 SC Targa is available in Hoogblokland, the Netherlands

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Rental from The Netherlands

Day Mon-Thu €299
Day Fri-Sun €359
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Many view the classical Porsche 911 from the late 70s as a legendary sports car. Rent this classical car for a father and son tour in Holland or Provence, give your husband or dad a special gift, or use this beautiful Porsche as a unique wedding car.

What makes the Porsche SC a legendary sports car? After all, the clutch is difficult to master and the car has no power steering! Well, the beautiful sound of the engine and the power of the air-cooled six cylinder boxer engine are obviously important, as is the way the SC takes its turns tightly and clearly. This makes the Porsche 911 SC the legend that won many rally victories.

These are all the detials you need to no about this oldtimer

Our Porsches look great and are in technically top condition.
You get a diligently polished, clean and neat car.
Renting the Porsche always includes final cleaning.
A Porsche seats a maximum of two persons. In consultation with us, children can be seated in the back.
Renting a Porsche includes a picnic basket. The basket includes a tablecloth, plates, cups, cutlery and coffee & tea. You can bring your own provisions or you can order a picnic lunch from us (€9.50 p.p.).
If you want to tour for a day from Hoogblokland or Aix-en-Provence, you can choose from a number of nice day trips.
Our Porsches are properly insured. We have a professional rental insurance policy that includes insurance against extensive damage as well as insurance for the passengers.
We do not require surety for renting our Porsches. We do however require your agreement on an excess of €1000.
Excess does not apply in accidents that involve high speed.
The race track is off limits.
In case of any technical difficulties (within our applicable assistance areas), you can count on technical assistance. This includes support by telephone, towing or on-site repair.
Our Hoogblokland branch provides technical assistance throughout the Netherlands. Driving outside of Dutch borders is forbidden.
From Aix-en-Provence we provide technical assistance within the areas of Bouches du Rhone, Var, Vaucluse and Alpes Hautes Provence. Outside of these regions, assistance is following consultation only.

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