Experience for driving the pk50

At Vintage Road Trips you can rent classical Vespas for a day tour, weekend or unique trip. Vespas are available in Amersfoort and Southern France.

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Rental from The Netherlands

Day €79
Extra day €30

Vespa rent

Old Vespas are noisy and driving them is quite a challenge, but they are incredibly charming. Driving a classical Vespa cannot be compared to driving a modern-day scooter! This experience is unique, since Vintage Road Trips is the only company that rents real classical Vespas! Come and do a tour on these special scooters, a holiday feeling guaranteed.

Driver’s licence

Driving a Vespa requires a standard driver’s licence, but having a driver’s licence B (for passenger cars) unfortunately does not warrant success. For renting Vespas we require a motorbike licence or explicit experience with motorbikes. A classical Vespa is relatively hard to drive: you have to learn to deal with the clutch, gears and brakes. On top of that, you only have two wheels. Experience teaches us that people with sufficient experience on a (small) motorbike will have to get used to driving a Vespa, but that’s not hard.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

These are all the detials you need to no about this oldtimer

A maximum of one person can ride on the back of a Vespa.
For riding the Vespa yourself, you the driver of the Vespa, must have a B or AM driving license.
You can purchase a good weather guarantee for €7.50.
Petrol included
Order a picnic lunch from us (€9.50 p.p.).
We have helmets in sizes S to XL. Children above the age of 12 may ride in back if they wear a helmet.
Note: a requirement for riding a Vespa is to be somewhat handy with motor vehicles!
Our Vespas are properly insured. We have a professional rental policy that covers extensive damage as well as well as insurance for passengers.
We do not require surety (deposit) for renting our Vespas. We do however require your agreement on an excess of €750.
The excess can be reduced in advance to €250. This costs €15 for the first day and €10 for every following day, with a maximum of €75.

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