Netherlands: weekend around the ‘Zuiderzee’ in a classic car

Vintage Road Trips offers a 3-day package with a beautiful route along Dutch landscapes, picturesque villages and beautiful harbour towns!You will stay in two special B&Bs (this trip can be tailor-made according to your wishes and can be either extended or shortened).

Vanaf € 219,- p.p.
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The trip

What makes the Zuiderzee package special is its variety. The trip takes you through both busy and remote areas. Through five provinces, the North Holland polders and the Frisian villages. Along the water in the Weerribben and through the woods of the Veluwe.

For much of the route you’ll be driving along or on the dike. You will always find the waters on your right, while you will have a view over the typically Dutch polders on your left. Along the way you will pass through many old Zuiderzee towns. Every town has something special to offer. You can stop for a drink, visit a museum or go for a walk around the harbour. The Vintage Road Trips road book will provide you with plenty of tourist information.

Note: You can adjust the amount of travel days. It is possible to shorten or lengthen your stay if you wish.


Both overnight stay addresses are B&Bs that have been selected because of their friendly owners. Prepare for special and charming inns that are very pleasant despite luxury not being a prime concern. The beds are, of course, decent and you will have a private bathroom.

Full year
With a 2cv € 219
With a VW Kever € 219
With a Porsche 911 € 399
With a VW T2 Busje € 275

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